Counsellor - Psychologist (children & parents)

- French and English -


Christelle is a French psychologist who specialises in supporting families in their parenting. She has a special interest in young children and giftedness.

Her approach is play-based and she will always work with the parents along with the child. She is trained in "Hand In Hand Parenting" approach and believes helping parents strengthening their bond with their child is a key factor to solve childhood issues such as emotions' regulation, anxieties, sleep issues, bed-wetting...


Her work relies on both the latest knowledge in neuropsychology and early childhood development as well as positive discipline approaches such as Isabelle Filiozzat's and Catherine Gueguen's.

Having worked in London and Singapore, Christelle does consultations in French and English.

She also offers Montessori Parental workshops for parents and helpers where we explain the child's major developmental steps and share ideas of suitable Montessori activities.