Registered Nutrition Therapist


- French, English -

Karelle, a French native, has been living abroad (UK, Australia and Singapore) for the last 17 years. She discovered the power of nutrition therapy shortly after the birth of her second child who suffered repeated allergies, ear and respiratory infections. During this time, she herself was struggling with adrenal fatigue, severe anaemia and gut dysbiosis. 


This experience inspired Karelle to learn more about the power of nutrition. She embarked on a learning journey to become a nutrition therapist with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK with the hope to help people in their wellness journey.

Karelle Laurent Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine offers an individualised nutrition and lifestyle programme for men, women and children using a scientifically-based approach while taking into consideration your specific needs and requirements.

The focus of Nutrition Therapy is to identify the underlying causes behind the client’s symptoms and imbalances, such as:

  • Digestive issues

  • Low immune system

  • Low energy

  • Poor sleep

  • Hormone imbalances

During the initial consultation, which typically lasts 90 minutes,  an in depth conversion will take place regarding: 

  • Current symptoms and concerns

  • Physical activities 

  • Stress level

  • Eating habits

Taking into consideration the client’s health goals and lifestyle demands, both the client and Karelle will work together to design an achievable and manageable nutrition plan  .


In addition, Karelle has an interest in triathlon and endurance sports. As she is often contacted by athletes expressing their need for nutritional advice, it became evident to Karelle that combining her two passions made absolute sense. Athletes training and racing in extreme weather conditions lose considerable amount of essential nutrients, minerals and body fluids which may, over time, lead to health concerns. With the right nutrition plan tailored to athletes' needs and requirements, athletes can be supported while working toward their athletic goals.


Whether you are looking to improve your energy levels or athletic performance through healthy eating or you are struggling with specific symptoms affecting your overall wellbeing, nutrition therapy can be an effective and powerful tool.

Contact: www.karellelaurentnutrition.com