BodyTalk  - Body & mind balance

- English, French, Spanish -

Following a life-long interest in holistic therapies, Léna took the opportunity of her move to Singapore to reconsider her career in public health communications and focus on a more personalised aspect of health through BodyTalk.

BodyTalk is a holistic approach to empower you on your well-being journey, improving what you need the most – whether it is supporting you during an emotionally challenging time, or helping to restore your body’s health. 

Making you feel aligned and connected, BodyTalk’s integrative approach is designed to re-establish the body’s natural functions and delicate balance, creating the best conditions to heal and thrive.

Some of the challenges BodyTalk can support you with include stress and emotionally-charged times (maternity, move, grief, relationships, dealing with any changes, etc), hormonal balance (pregnancy, fertility, post-partum), auto-immune conditions, immune system support, allergies and intolerances, pain, fatigue, headaches, hyperactivity, learning disorders, anxiety, phobias, sleep issues...
Or just as preventative healthcare, to help your body and mind function and communicate better.

BodyTalk is relaxing, non-invasive and respects your body’s own needs and priorities. Léna’s gentle approach as well as her training in maternity reflexology makes it a safe and ideal modality during pregnancy, for babies and children.

Sessions via videoconference are also available.

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