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Educator - Counsellor 

Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, Postpartum

- French and English -


Born in Cambodia, then moved to France when she was 5, Juliette graduated from Angers Medical School in Loire Valley and continued with her obstetric & gynecology residency in her hometown.


Before starting at the Serendipity Centre, Juliette worked for more than a decade in different hospitals all over the world - France, New Caledonia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Cambodia and China – giving women pre and post pregnancy care and assistance. After four years helping expat communities in a private hospital in Beijing, Juliette now offers her services in Singapore.


Because of her impressive international experience, she is able to really help you through the unknown and unique journey of pregnancy. She has dealt with all kinds of complications and has heard too many times « nobody told me that », « why didn’t we talk about this before », « we weren’t prepared for that at all», « if only I had known then», etc.


Juliette is available to help you to be really prepared for your childbirth and beyond, because the birth is not the end but just the beginning of the journey.


To guide you into this new adventure she has developed a préparation path around 6 themes:


  • The Pregnancy : What is parenthood ? The normal body and mind changes? Fetus growth ? Diet and exercices ? Helpful tips to get by and survive the whole pregnancy period

  • The Normal Delivery: What are contractions, labour, water breaking? How does it feel like? Positions during labour and birth? Normal birth stages? How can I manage the pain? What can we do in a delivery room? What can the birth partner do? Birth plan?

  • The Postnatal: What happens right after birth? How to care for a newborn? What tests must the pediatrician do? What do all the immunizations mean?

  • Medically Assisted Delivery : Caesarien section, VBAC, forceps and vaccum, episiotomy? Role the Partner? What to pack and how to prepare to go to hospital?

  • Postpartum: The First Month : Breastfeeding and how to avoid complications ? How to bottle feed ? Cleaning baby’s nose and the umbilical cord? Holding baby and avoiding back pain ? Perineum and scar care?

  • Postpartum: Back On Track : Breastfeeding at work? Baby blues and postpartum depression? Contraception and sexuality? Pelvic floor and abdomen?