Conscious Parenting Coach

Sleeptalk for children Consultant

- French and English -

Kids, women and parents advocate, Maguelonne Rousseau is a Conscious Parenting coach, a SleeptalkÒ for Children consultant, as well as a practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique and Aromatherapy. She is passionate about physical, spiritual and emotional well-being with a special interest in neuroscience and education approaches that promote healthy parents-children relationships.

Maguelonne runs Conscious Parenting Training to assist parents in identifying their long-term aspirations for their children and for themselves, considering their family values and history.

There is no one-size-fits-all parenting method. Conscious Parenting helps parents to find their own way of parenting and develop a positive mind-set, using tools and communication skills that will unlock their children’s potential and become the parents they want to be.

Parents and caregivers (helpers, teachers) can attend multiple classes (group or private) on the following topics:

  • Understanding the brain/emotions, the differences between boys and girls, healthy sleep routines...

  • How to build resilience, confidence, self-esteem, inner motivation (dealing with stress and tantrums, interaction and communication through play, discipline positively...)

  • How to coach sibling conflicts...


Additionally, the self-esteem program Sleeptalk for Children is designed to support families with specific challenges such as aggressive tantrums, toileting concerns, self-esteem issues, anxieties, ADHD…