Sophrologist (adults, teenagers & children)

T.R.E. instructor

- French and English -

Sophie has worked 13 years in finance and she has many times witnessed the destructive effects of stress on her colleagues and close friends.


She decided to switch her career towards  stress management and TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercices). She can help with PTSD, sleep problems, headache, anxiety, phobias, concentration, chronic pains and to process passed events.


Sophie also is a sophrologist. Sophrology is a kind of mindfulness and active meditation that helps to control the breath, to reach better consciousness of the body and mind and to change negative perceptions.

Sophie teaches yoga and kids yoga as well.


These practices are effective ways to battle stress and evacuate tensions withheld by our bodies that prevent us form accomplishing ourselves professionally and in our personal lives. They can be combined whenever it might be necessary and each session is tailor-made to suits your personal goal.