Meditation – Yoga – Reiki - Energy and Shamanic Healing

 (adults & children)

- English, French -

Sophie holds space for adults, teenagers and children to heal and transform.

Everything around and within us is an expression of energy and its flow. Sophie’s in-depth experience and study of energy work spans 20 over years in the movement and healing arts. Her practice and teachings in Reiki, Meditation, Shamanism and Movement (Yoga and Dance) are cutting-edge, deeply nurturing and constantly evolving, just as life itself: every day is a new alchemy.


Sophie works in one-on-one Reiki and/or Shamanic sessions, on issues such as:

  • Life transitions (the happy transitions and the challenging transitions!)

  • Clearing energetic blocks and recurrent life patterns

  • Releasing anxiety, trauma, sadness

  • Living with more personal empowerment and joy

  • Connecting more profoundly with the Earth, your own intuition and your spiritual life.


She also runs regular group courses and workshops:

  • Reiki Trainings

  • Energy Workshops

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Meditation Courses

  • Specialised Yoga (for Back Health, Pregnancy and Mum and Baby).


Sophie also offers ceremony services, to honour life itself and life transitions such as pregnancy, arrival of a new baby, affirmation of a personal intention, coming of age, menopause, new home, departure, anniversary, blessings for the Earth…

Sophie facilitates healing and teaching with compassion, open-mindedness, curiosity and humour. (in French) (in English)